Thursday, 24th May 2018
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This documentary focuses in on what it perceives to be the in built discrimination when it comes to America's justice system and the fact that it seems to be Black American's who almost always appear to be the ones who fair the worst. 17% of inmates in American prisons are black which is far higher than the proportion of black people in American society.

The three strikes and you're out laws that seem to so popular in a lot of jurisdictions also seem to work actively against black people. The documentary is well put together with a number of intelligent talking heads putting their points across and there is some slick editing skills that point up the central argument in the piece. The one point that doesn't seem to get made is the connection between race and class and the manner in which the two intersect in the black community.

Overall though it's an interesting subject finely made.


There will be a lot of manga fans who will be just waiting to see this film and to a large extent they won't be disappointed. When it comes to style over substance it's not even a fair battle and the former wins every single time. This picture is all about the looks and to be fair to it it does look amazing.

Where it falls down and falls down badly is on the story. To all intents and purposes the film might not as well have a plot or even a semblance of a plot. It is just a series of beautifully filmed highly choreographed sequences where Scarlett Johannson gets to look ravishing. No doubt there will be more movies in this franchise but whether they will be as vacuous as this one remains to be seen.


While most soaps have at least one major plot line that

goes through it's ups and downs during the entire year and culminates in a big Christmas showdown between all of the participants it looks as if Eastenders is getting in early this time as it begins to shape up Max's revenge on all of the people that did him wrong when he was wrongly accused of Lucy's murder. You are only beginning to see the start of his machinations at the moment, plans that will come to fruition during the year but it looks as if Max is playing the long game and no one is safe around him, not even his daughters.


If there ever was an irony god then it must feel right at home on the E! Channel a station where a programme all about plastic surgery is actually sponsored by a law firm that specialises in cases where plastic surgery goes horribly wrong for people. As for the show yourself it is exactly how you might imagine it to be. The two hosts, both of whom have experience on reality shows their wives were involved with, are both experts in their fields and in this programme

they get to reverse botched operations done by bad surgeons or even in some cases by people who weren't even surgeons at all. It is amazing what a lot of people will allow others to do to them if the price is low enough. Others want to have defects rectified which they've had since birth. It is strangely addictive to see the manner in which all of the candidates for surgery are divided up into those that deserve it and those that don't and then those for whom another surgery would completely ruin their lives.

The latter are always represented by at least one surgery candidate per show and have already have had the odd surgery or 15 done already. They are brought into the surgeons who then outline just how bad it would be for them to have another surgery. It always ends up the same way. They are turned down for surgery but they vow they will go out there and find a surgeon who won't ask so many questions and will do the surgery for them. Other than that all of the other candidates for surgery are dealt with and their previous 'bad' surgery is rectified or anomalies since birth are fixed.

It is still amazing to hear and see so many people who completely believe that once their physical looks are rectified their lives will be plain sailing and the only thing holding them back all these years were their looks, the size of their breasts or their noses or ears.

Makes you wonder what they might have become if they read a book or two instead of being fixated on their exterior appearance.


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