Thursday, 20th September 2018
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There are no certainties in life except for death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin said that a couple of hundred years ago and was right on the money – pardon the pun. Another certainty in life that can be added is – trash. There is a never ending battle to reduce trash. Strangely enough there is also a never ending battle to increase taxes.

The need by councils to impose a tax on a utility smacks of plain greed. But if you looked deeper into the reasoning you will not be surprised to know why. How many councils and governments have sold off their utilities? Sold of the energy business – gas and electric, sold off the water supply. So you now need to be taxed on what was a one of charge before. We call that double dipping.

The good thing to remember is that there is a greater availability of guaranteed emergency loans that can help individuals over those utility payment humps. You DO NOT want to have things like gas or power switched off. Not only because of the obvious inconvenience, but you are going to have to pay to get them reconnected. Not everybody wants to take out a loan to pay utilities but if the annual costs for these necessities keep rising, it might become a necessary habit!


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