Monday, 23rd July 2018
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Keep it clean!

It seems like Summer has finally decided to turn up. Better late than never, I suppose. The weather has started to give us more than 24 hours of heat and thankfully, the rain has only visited us once or twice, in the last few weeks.

This of course means that many of us will be heading out to visit our wonderful countryside. Additionally, thousands of returning visitors and hopefully including the exciting potential, of lots of first time tourists, will visit our quirky City Centre, outlying towns and villages.

That "First impressions count" has never been so important to Waterford, than now.

The potential of significant growth, as outlined in the 2040 Government National Planning Framework, the North Quays crossing the finishing line with An Bord Plean


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    Time for a breakJust as the height of Summer begins it seems that it is also the time when our politicians begin their yearly departure from Dail Eireann. While not many professions get as much holiday time as politicians do you have to ask the question whether they merit such long breaks?There are many who would immediately answer that they don't really deserve such long holidays, that they barely seem to spend any time in the Dail at all and after all they are well remunerated for the long hours …

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