Saturday, 26th May 2018
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Waterford Castle received five awards at the 2018 Irish Hotel Awards

Waterford Castle received five awards at the 2018 Irish Hotel Awards held on Tuesday, April 24th, at The Heritage Killenard. These awards were: 4 Star Hotel of the Year 2018 Castle Hotel of the Year 2018 Fine Dining Hotel of the Year 2018 Luxury Hotel of the Year 2018 Irish Hotel of the Year 2018

"Tonight is all about celebration, it’s about recognition of excellence. Recognition of the unwavering commitment of the hospitality industry in Ireland to providing outstanding guest experiences for visitors to our island. What we experience on every trip, are people who are going the extra mile to offer true Irish hospitality – not only promoting their own hotel and area, but also selling ‘Ireland’ as the world class destination that it is. It is the passion, commitment and dedication of people in the industry that makes Irish Hospitality what it is – a truly unique experience.” Nicci Smith, Irish Hotel Awards Programme Director.

"Our Waterford Castle team truly love the resort and work tirelessly to ensure our guests enjoy their experience with us. We are proud of our work, passionate in our goals and we are honoured to receive this recognition. Thank you to the The Irish Hotel Awards for a great night, we are honored to receive these prestigious awards. Congratulations to all winners and participants.” The Waterford Castle Team t. +353 (0)51 878 203 com w.waterfordcastleresort. com Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort |The Island |Waterford | Ireland


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