Thursday, 26th April 2018
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Take a bow Eoghan and HW Fasteners team Waterford Today received the following letter from a  reader and decided to publish it this week

Dear Editor

My name is Nigel Roberts.

I would just like to tell you what a local company has done for us and maybe you might give it a mention.

We, myself and my wife Fiona, have a severely disabled child. His name is Angus. When the storms hit us a few weeks back we asked friends if they knew anyone with a generator as Angus has a lot of equipment including an oxygen machine and a bed pump that needs to be running constantly, so any power cut can get quite scary.

Anyway, Fiona was looking on Facebook and HW Fasteners were advertising generators so she contacted them to see how much they were. She spoke to a man named Eoghan and he asked what it was going to be used for so she told him and he said he would check out with the reps as to which one would be best for us.

Eoghan got back to us shortly after and told us that the ones we were looking at would probably do the job but that the rep had suggested another one at a cost of €999. Then Eoghan said that as it was for our peace of mind and that it could potentially save Angus"s life that he would like to give it to us at a cost of €300. We were dumbfounded that a man that we had never met was willing to help us out in that way so we arranged to pick up the generator.

When I got to HW Fasteners I met Eoghan and I must say he was a total gent. He asked about Angus and all his special needs and then he told me that all the lads had had a chat and they all agreed to give us the generator for no charge. This I must say brought a lump to my throat as I thought his first offer was generous enough.

So a man that we had never met before has actually provided us with a generator that will keep our boy (who Eoghan has never met) safe and sound during any power outage and has given us piece of mind which is such a fantastic thing.

It"s people like Eoghan that restores your faith in human kindness.

Thanks so much to Eoghan and all the lads at HW Fasteners.


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