Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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With Autumn beginning to make its mark felt it’s inevitable as night follows day that the new political season begins to make itself felt. Not only nationally but locally there are bound to be upheavals in the political landscape that will change the political scene. Of course there is the Presidential election that will be happening soon but there is also the local elections that while they won’t be happening for some months into the New Year nevertheless means that there are already incumbent councillors out canvassing on the doorsteps of Waterford. One of the big political events that is already happening and that will have widespread repercussions is the budget that will take place next month. Already the Government is in discussions with Fianna Fail in an attempt to extend the confidence and supply arrangement that it has with that party that will see a new budget move smoothly through the Dail. Naturally enough there is already intense lobbying from many different interest groups who want to have their say when it comes to the new budget. The Government has many things on its shopping list of items that it needs to do and needs to ensure that are covered and are lucky enough to be in a position where they have enough of a surplus to ensure that it can cover many of its bases.

Even so the Central Bank has waded in and said that the Government should be hyper cautious not to have a give away budget and that now is the right time when the economy is doing well to salt away a significant amount of money for when times are not so good. This is not a million miles away from the ‘rainy day’ fund that the Government set up some months previously and it has to take into consideration that even though the economy is doing relatively fine at the moment the country is still trying to play catch up for the many years when costs were cut to the bone. Schools, hospitals, housing, infrastructure, welfare are just some of the areas where more funding is desperately needed and the Government would do well to show that it has its fingers on the pulse and wisely invest some money into these areas. The fact that this present Government is in a precariou position as it relies on the support of differing political grouping to carry out it works means that it has to follow a careful line when adopting and carrying through it’s policies. That it has done so so far without many major misteps is a good thing but it must never forget the people that put them there in the first place, the electorate, and the concerns that they have.


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