Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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It would appear that although there have been some rumblings about various personalities who might be suitable to be our President it looks increasingly likely that Michael D. Higgins the present incumbent will be President for a second time.

Even though he ran as a candidate that would only undertake the position for one time only it looks as if he has been given the situation some thought and he feels that if 'the people' want him to run a second time then he will do so. And if he does signal that he will run again then it looks increasingly likely that he will run unopposed.

Michael D. Higgins has been an enormously popular President and has not really fallen foul of any pitfalls that some other Presidents have had happen to them.

He is a worthy ambassador for the nation and has acquitted himself admirably on the international as well as the national stage. There will be very few people who will not be happy if he decides to undertake the role for a second time.


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