Tuesday, 18th September 2018
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It has recently been estimated that some Irish families are paying over 3,000 euros a year so that their children can have grinds. Not necessarily a peculiarly Irish phenomenon grinds are effectively extra tuition in subjects that a student, or their parent, feels they need extra help. Of course they are available to everyone, or at least those who are able to pay for them. And that is where the problem lies in so far as many believe that it skews the advantages that some students have over others whose parents can't afford them. It's a difficult line to argue whether they are a right thing to have available or not but so long as students need help and their parents can afford them then they will likely continue, no matter the cost.


Letters to the Editor

  • A Wonderful Harvest

    Even though the weather Gods didn’t exactly play ball over the weekend it doesn’t take away from the fact that this years Waterford Harvest Festival was yet again another wonderful success. It was great to see the streets of the centre of the city so beautifully and thoughtfully decked out. The various food stalls offering tastes from all over were great to wander around. The information and background that each of the stall holders were able to give on the provenance of their food was really interesting an …

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