Thursday, 20th September 2018
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The Big Freeze

Not since 1982 has Ireland been so thoroughly blanketed with snow that has brought such widespread disruption in it's wake. It was a case of the Beast from the East meeting Storm Emma that brought such massive amounts of snow down on the country and Waterford in particular. The red weather warning was in place in Waterford for much of the week and it was only on Saturday that it was downgraded to a yellow warning, still something to take notice of. With so many services as well as shops shut down and roads impassable there was nothing for people to do but to but hunker down at home and wait for the worse of the weather to pass. Some people did venture out to get in some much needed extra supplies but were mainly met with local shops whose shelves were empty.

While snow clearing work was taking place on main roads, in estates, roads were still practically impassable as there was no snow clearing taking place there. One of the things that was noticeable however was the high level of neighbourliness that too place during the week when everyone took a care for each other and helped out, as much as they could, others in need. Neighbours looked in on each other and helped out making sure that those like the elderly who couldn't get out to the shops were well looked after.

It has to be said that the emergency services and civil defence did trojan work around the city and county making sure that those in rural areas were visited to ensure that they were keeping well and at the same time making sure that those who had vital hospital appointments kept them. They also helped clear roads which was essential to the smooth running of all services. The city and council workers did a great job clearing and gritting roads around the area, again ensuring that people had some level of access to the main roads around the city and county. Again in rural areas farmers helped out a great deal in making sure that neighbours were well looked after and as much of the road network was cleared as possible.

Despite all of the gripes and moans about how much the snow fall hampered people in their day to day lives, on the upside there has been a huge level of pulling together and a generally high level of people looking out for each other. Ireland might not be great in a crisis like this particular one, but it seems that we have our priorities right when it comes to the way in which we we all look out for each other. It might be another generation before we get another snow storm like this one but if we tackle it together like we did this one then we are sure to get through it.


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