Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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There really was only one story this week and that was the huge snow fall that hit the country. However now that the weather warnings have been downgraded the big emphasis will be on getting the country back up and running again. Already schools are set to open which will have a big impact on getting people out and about once again. Those who couldn't make it to the post office to collect social welfare payments will be pleased to hear that the post offices, in the main, are open for business yet again. The main problem people will have is the fact that not all the road networks are up and running and many, especially in estates, are still blocked by high snow drifts. Yet the temperatures are on the rise and the snow is beginning to melt and if anything will help to shift the snow then that will. It will take time until everything gets back to normal and the big clean up is complete but it surely is just a matter of time.


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