Thursday, 20th September 2018
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Residents upset at GAA fans’ inconsiderate parking while attending Walsh Park

Dear Editor

I write to bring awareness to the ongoing issue with regard to parking in residential areas in The Walsh Park vicinity on match days. My parents and I live within close walking distance to Walsh park and last Sunday the 18th February was the final straw regarding parking. Cars were parked up on the green area of Arbor Road destroying it as were the cars abandoned on the green at Manor Lawn. Cars were parked up on footpaths, giving limited accessibility and very limited visibility whilst driving out from my parents’ road.

Then at my own house in The Canon Street area, it took me 5 minutes and about 15 manoeuvres to get my car out of my driveway as some extremely inconsiderate supporters had parked their cars so close to my driveway that I barely had the room to reverse out. I’d hate to think what would have happened if an ambulance needed to get to anyone in the area!

Once the match was finished, Arbor Road was at a standstill as fans jockeyed for position to exit on to Paddy Brown’s Road, and it’s only a miracle that one of the many fans on foot weren’t knocked down as they weaved their way through the mayhem.

This is an ongoing issue in the area and the residents are getting extremely fed up. At Croke Park and Nolan Park, measures are taken to ensure local residents aren’t inconvenienced in this way. There are barriers put in place to stop fans from abandoning their cars outside residents’ houses and from tearing up their green areas.

Gardaí need to be placed at both entrances to Arbor Road, Belvedere Drive and the other entrances to our residential streets, stopping all but residents parking there. Tesco Lisduggan and St. Paul’s Church both have ample car parks nearby and the RSC has a large carpark which could be opened up on match days.

God knows the GAA make plenty of money out of these events. It’s time they had some consideration for the people who are inconveninced when these events take place.

We are pleading with local supporters to have some consideration for the people who live in these areas on match days.


A Resident


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