Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Trump - One Year On

One of the most surprising things about the fact that President Trump has made it to one year in his presidency is that he has done it and the world is still turning. His many critics since he announced that he was running for president have said that he would be an unalloyed disaster and that he would be a disaster for America and hence for the world in turn. He might have got in many twitter spats with North Korea and ramped up nuclear tension in that region but it hasn't led to anything. In fact if you look at it from th President's point of view it only led to renewed talks between North and South Korea and the North's entry to the Winter Olympic Games.

That is the point with Donald Trump, he can spin on a dime and interpret anything he wants the way he wants. And the truth of it is that it doesn't really matter what the rest of the world thinks as long as he thinks that the American people are still behind him. But the fact is that the majority of the American people aren't behind him at all - he has the lowest approval ratings of any president in his first year since polls began. Then again that would probably just lead Donald Trump to use two of his favourite words about those figures and they are 'fake news'.

Anyone having to deal, or even having to interpret, what world Donald Trump lives in has to deal with a world that has no fixed point and is constantly changing underfoot. In the book the president tried to ban 'Fire and Fury' by Michael Wolff, the one word that all of those who surround the man himself have used about him is 'childish'. He is like a toddler who is constantly in a strop and nobody knows what mood he is going to be in next. It seems that it is quite easy to set the president off and anyone who has ever seen any of his twitter feed would agree with this.

But for some reason the man himself thinks that he is brilliant at the job of president. He cites how well the stock exchange is doing and confuses this with how well the overall American economy is doing. He has said that he would defeat ISIS and has gone on to claim their defeat as something he has achieved all by himself without giving due and proper recognition to the Russian, Syrian, Iraqi and Kurdish forces who have borne the brunt of the fighting in the region.

Thankfully he has yet to build his famous wall along the southern border with Mexico and it is looking as it will never get started let alone finished.

Donald Trump won by the slimmest of margins and there is still time yet for him to turn around his approval ratings before the next election but there isn't going to be much change with the man himself. He will still take the credit for things that he hasn't achieved himself, still claim the truth to be 'fake news' if he doesn't like it and still blame others for his own mistakes and still above everything else sit up eating cheeseburgers in bed at night trawling through his twitter feed.


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