Sunday, 17th December 2017
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Health in Winter

With the amount of coughing and spluttering seen and heard on the streets of Waterford in the last number of weeks you might be forgiven for thinking that there was a severe case of consumption sweeping the city. Thankfully that isn't the case but it does go to show that when it comes to Winter time that your health can become seriously compromised very quickly and with bad results. Putting aside cases of Man Flu where the male of the species convinces himself that what he is suffering is ten times worse than is the actual case there are plenty of people out there that are suffering from illness that is serious in origin and effect.

Of course the worst hit are the elderly and they should always be aware that this time of year brings the worst of weather and the worst of ailments. The elderly should always get flu vaccinations every year in plenty of time so that they are protected against the worst of the flu season. It is so important that they do so as their immune systems can become seriously compromised if they do catch the flu which is a serious illness at any age but it is particularly serious when you are elderly.

Of course the flu vaccination is just one of a number of things that you can do to ensure that your health is in tip top form and it just isn't for the elderly. Anyone with a compromised immune system or those with diabetes for example should always get a flu vaccination at the start of the winter season. Looking after yourself and your health is one of the most important things that you can do and being able to do so is of prime importance particularly in the winter season when all sort of bugs are liable to be picked up.

Being health smart is not to be worried over every little thing but an ability to assess risk and then being able to do something about it. There are all sorts of things that you can take that are available over the counter in chemists at this time of the year that will ensure that you don't come down with anything serious, or at least more serious. You might not think that it will help but in the long term it will.

There is nothing wrong with being concerned about your health and taking an interest in how you are feeling. Ensuring that you are operating at the best of your ability is a good thing and all round health is an important element in that. When news of hospitals being overcrowded with people at this time of year it is always good to know that through your own actions that you are not one of those having to wait around in queues to see a doctor. Being smart about your health and knowing the best steps to take to ensure that you are keeping well at Winter time is a great place to be.


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