Sunday, 19th August 2018
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Wednesday, 11th July 2018

As dry as the Sahara

It seems that whenever the weather in Ireland goes a little bit extreme, we are somehow incapable of dealing with it. It has already happened so far this year with the snow that totally disrupted the country for about a week and also later on when some areas in the country were flooded due to excess rain. Now it is happening again because we are having to deal with a level of sunshine that is virtually unheard of in the country. And a level of sunshine that is going on for a good number of weeks at that.

Ireland usually has a temperate climate which means that we don't have extremes of weather, that we get a fair bit of rain and sometimes a little sun to even things out, usually in summer but that is never

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Wednesday, 11th July 2018

It would appear that although there have been some rumblings about various personalities who might be suitable to be our President it looks increasingly likely that Michael D. Higgins the present incumbent will be President for a second time.

Even though he ran as a candidate that would only undertake the position for one time only it looks as if he has been given the situation some thought and he feels that if 'the people' want him to run a second time then he will do so. And if he does signal that he will run again then it looks increasingly likely that he will run unopposed.

Michael D. Higgins has been an enormously popular President and has not really fallen foul of any pitfalls that some other Presidents have had happen to them.

He is a worthy ambassador for the nation and

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Wednesday, 4th July 2018

The Church and the People.

When a priest fails to turn up to say Mass it is hardly the stuff that headlines are made of, but this week it just so happened that when a priest didn't turn up for Mass the resulting furore went on to make headlines that just haven't gone away.

It so happened that at this particular Mass a Government Minister, Josepha Madigan, was there and when she aided in the service the press was there to get her opinions on a range of issues that are of importance to the catholic church.

What she said, particularly in relation to the need for there to be females priests as well as married priests raised the ire of one of the most high ranking catholic archbishops in the country.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin rounded on Josepha Madigan and said that she had

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Wednesday, 4th July 2018

It seems that no matter what happens in Ireland, especially if it is something good, there is always a cloud that comes with the silver linings. While we should be enjoying the seasonably good weather we are getting warnings that we might have to endure water shortages or outages if the good weather continues much longer.

It seems that we have to go back to the days of the 1970s to when we enjoyed weather that was as good as we have it at the moment.

There are things that everyone can do to ensure that we don't waste water, no hosepipes, shorter showers, no paddling pools. But a lot of these things are what make the good weather even better and there will hardly be a committed gardener who will let their plants wither away for want of some water. We

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Thursday, 28th June 2018

A Wider Vision

It is not surprising that much of the news that we see and read about everyday has to do with issues that happen here in Ireland. In fact so much happens on some days that it is a wonder that the rest of the world even gets a look in.

But it so happens that we live in an ever interconnected world and what happens outside of our country has a direct bearing on what happens inside Ireland.

You only have to look at the whole issue of Brexit to know that this country is to a large part, dependent on what is going on in other countries. In fact the closer Brexit gets the more this is happening.

Now the Government has set up a new project so that our country can develop and hone our relationships with other countries

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Thursday, 28th June 2018

While not attempting to be a killjoy on the good weather that is happening in the country at the moment, there are always a good number of occasions where it is advisable that people step back and take a moment to register the fact that with the good weather some warnings come attached.

The last good period of extended good weather resulted in 10 people dying in drowning accidents. It is always right to take heed of advice especially when it comes to water. Ideally you should swim only in designated areas with a lifeguard on duty, it is best to enter the water where you can wade in so that if you get into difficulty there is a better chance you can wade out. Also you should only swim in parallel to the shore.

No one wants to spoil anyone's fun

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Wednesday, 20th June 2018

A Paper Anniversary

As he has been in high profile politics for such a long time, it is hard to think that Leo Varadkar has just celebrated his first year as Taoiseach. Over the last decade, there has hardly been a time when the man hasn't been out of the headlines for one reason or another. But it is his role as Taoiseach which has cemented his position in Irish history.

Of course such an anniversary didn't go past uncommented and he was given a rough ride in the Dail when the subject came up. As much as the man doesn't like to celebrate birthdays or other important milestones in his life there was absolutely no getting away from the fact of his first year as Taoiseach in a Dail where it seemed that the mass of the Opposition wanted a pop

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Wednesday, 20th June 2018

In life, everything we do seems to be related to numbers. Whether that's our age, paying the household bills, our disposable income or protesting within a consequential cohort. Less is not more, when dealing with figures. Unless of course you are talking about the BBC 1 "Pointless" programme. Here zero, nil, nada is the right answer to the questions being asked. Though some people I know, don't actually understand the lowest score wins!

On Sunday the 10th, I "pedalled" for the fourth time, the murderous Wicklow 200! Why I'd want to put myself through that torture and torment, by returning to this most scenic of regions, to test my mettle once again, shows that I am certifiably mad! To cycle 200 kilometres and climb over 2,800 metres of brutal hills, has become a numbers game to me. I am now trying to complete this

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Wednesday, 13th June 2018

Our View

A Rainy Day Fund

A Pharaoh once had a dream where he saw a green and lush field and in it was a sleek and fat cow.  Then into the field came an emaciated cow who began to devour the first one.  On waking the Pharaoh knew at once what he had to do.  He sent out an order around his kingdom that grain silos be built and that one tenth of all harvests were to be placed there.  For the next seven years the harvest was bountiful and the new silos were quickly filled.  Then for the next seven years the harvests failed and his people began to go hungry.  But because he had planned to plan ahead for such an eventuality there was enough grain in the new silos to keep his people fed. 

Fast forward a couple

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Tuesday, 5th June 2018

Yet another dark chapter

When the news broke about the illegal adoption of nearly two hundred children it was like a case of deja vu. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said that it was another ‘dark chapter’ in the country’s history but it seems that when it comes to Ireland’s social history all that we have is dark chapters. Mother and baby homes, Magdalene Laundries, clerical child sexual abuse and the Church covering up clerical child sexual abuse. All of it part of Ireland’s history and all of it inextricably bound up with this country’s history with the catholic church. The issue of illegal adoptions, where children were adopted and their new parents names placed on the children’s birth certificates, goes back nearly fifty to seventy years ago at a time when there was a huge stigma about the whole issue of

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    Rush to CriticismThere are not many people who at this stage have not heard about the Cash family and what happened to them. The mother and six of her children had to seek accommodation in the Tallaght Garda Station last week as they had absolutely nowhere to turn to. It led to an outcry as pictures of the young children sleeping on seats were posted to social media by the mother.Understandably there were a lot of people who were saddened to see that in this day and age that a family had to resor …

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