Thursday, 23rd October 2014
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Three Child Victims Of Petrol Bomb Attack

Brave Róisín (11 years old) is receiving treatment and is unlikely to be home for Christmas

Eleven year old Roisin Halligan who was one of three child victims of a petrol bomb attack on their home at Ardmore Park, Ballybeg, last week is still receiving medical treatment in Cork University Hospital. According to her Aunt Linda, Roisin has undergone several operations including skin grafts and is unlikely to be home until after Christmas due to the severity of her burn injuries. Her one year old cousin Lexie has been discharged but had to return on Monday last to Cork University Hospital for further treatment for her injuries. Their three months old cousin William who suffered smoke inhalation was held for 24 hours’ observation and has been discharged.

The incident happened just after 9pm last Thursday night when Roisin and Lexie were watching cartoons on television in their grandmother’s front room with baby William. A petrol bomb was thrown through the window and exploded in the room, causing serious damage and injuries. The quick thinking of their grandmother, Nellie Halligan, who was in the kitchen at the time, averted what could have been an even greater tragedy. She used a domestic fire extinguisher to put out the fire but not before her grandchildren... Read more »»

Three Child Victims Of Petrol Bomb Attack

Three Child Victims Of Petrol Bomb Attack

Tubridy discovers Waterford on Autumn Roadtrip

Tubridy discovers Waterford on Autumn Roadtrip

The Ryan Tubridy show joined with the Discover Ireland promotional team this week and to broadcasting live from the Viking Trianglewith 2FM as the show visited Waterford on Wednesday 15th October, as part of the Discover Ireland Autumn Campaign, organised... Read more »»

"Right2water" to stage major protest on 1st November

Following the massive demonstration by 100,000 people in Dublin recently, organised by the "right2water" campaign, the huge gathering designated the 1st of November a day of local protest across the country.

"right2water" is comprised of an alliance of Trade Unions, Community Organisations, Residents’ and Tenants’ associations, opposition political parties and a number of Independent Deputies, who believe water is a human right. right2water is seeking the abolition of water charges, and want water kept in the public realm.

"Right2water," Waterford, held an organising...


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