Monday, 1st September 2014
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Strongbow and Aoife sculpture unveiled

On Sunday 24th August, Cllr James Tobin, Cathaoirleach Waterford City and County Council unveiled the bronze sculpture of Strongbow and Aoife that graces the Bishop’s Palace Garden in the heart of the Viking Triangle. Pointing out that 24th August was the 844th anniversary of the eve of the fall of Waterford to the Anglo-Normans, the Cathaoirleach described the two thrones sculpture as very imaginative and engaging.

On that date in the year 1170, the people of Waterford were busy defending the walls of their city from the assault by Strongbow Lord Strongbow, the ally of the deposed king of Leinster, Dermot McMurrough.

The marriage of an Irish Princess to a formidable Knight and subject of the king of England linked forever the fortunes of the two neighbouring islands. Councillor Tobin said: ‘The figures today sit here as equals, neither one dominant, just like good neighbours should be. They represent not simply a momentous event in Waterford's 1100-year-old history but also a very traumatic event in English and Irish history.

By all accounts the marriage was a happy one, reminding us that it is by no means inevitable that the coming together of two cultures has to end in perpetual conflict. It would be great if we could view this sculpture as a... Read more »»

Strongbow and Aoife sculpture unveiled

Strongbow and Aoife sculpture unveiled

Waterford Crystal pensions

Waterford Crystal pensions

'Walk for Justice’ hears of five-year struggle to secure pension entitlements

Unite Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly was one of the speakers on Saturday 23rd August last, at the 'Waterford Crystal Pensions Walk for Justice’ organised by former... Read more »»

Major International Pharmaceutical

Company may invest up to €1bn in Waterford

Talks are understood to be an advanced stage between the IDA and a multi-billion dollar valued international pharmaceutical company which could see an investment of between €500 milion and €1bn in Waterford and consequently deliver a huge boost on the local jobs front.

The new investment is by an as yet unnamed multi-national which does not have a presence in the south east region but a tender document has been issued by Waterford city and county council seeking contractors to prepare a 45 acre site owned by... Read more »»


Letters to the Editor


    Good From BadPerhaps it is only fitting that even though his death was both tragic and untimely that some good will come from the passing of Robin Williams. Although not all of the investigations relating to his passing have been completed it looks pretty clear that he took his own life after suffering from a severe depression. The one thing that this shows is that mental illness is no respecter of position in life and no matter how well off you are anyone is capable of being brought low by a mental ill …

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