Friday, 25th July 2014
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Kenneth & Wayne Memorial Bike Run in aid of Waterford City River Rescue

The family of Kenneth & Wayne Scannell have organised successful Bike runs from 2008 to 2012 to honour their memory and along the way have raise valuable much needed funds for other charitable and voluntary organisations in the past. The family raised over €50,000 for The Paediatric children’s ward in Waterford University Hospital

Ardkeen. This year the family have decided to donate all proceeds to Waterford City River Rescue in recognition of their valuable work by their voluntary Crews.

This year’s Bike run will take place on Saturday 26th July 2014, sign-in will be held at Murphy’s Bar Merchants Quay at 12:30pm and the run will leave Murphy’s at 01:30pm. The route this year will travel to Youghal and after a short break will return to Murphy’s Bar in Waterford City where refreshments will be served.

Following on from the Bike Run a benefit night will be held at Murphy’s Bar Merchants Quay Waterford at 8:00pm where there will be music and a raffle with great craic!!

Secure overnight parking is available, and a special rate has been arranged for traveling participants in Treacy’s Hotel, please contact Damian or Sabrina for further details: Damian Scannell 087-6635873, Sabrina Grace 087-1928799 or Ger Burke... Read more »»

Kenneth & Wayne Memorial Bike Run in aid of Waterford City River Rescue

Kenneth & Wayne Memorial Bike Run in aid of Waterford City River Rescue

TSSG provides Waterford with a new spin-out

TSSG provides Waterford with a new spin-out

Miguel Ponce de Leon (pictured), a researcher and inventor at WIT’s Telecommunication Software & Systems Group (TSSG), is bringing a new "click to talk" technology to the marketplace. The new spin-out company Kodacall, which is be based in Waterford,... Read more »»

March for Peace in Palestine and Israel

A local non-politically affiliated group is invited Waterford people to join them as we take to the streets to show support for peace in the troubled region of Palestine and Israel on Friday 25th July at 2pm.

"Join your intention to ours as we send the message that we demand that peace come to both Palestine and Israel and hold with us that vision as we march that this situation is already healed. No placards, no shouting, just marching holding the vision of peace, first in these troubled lands, and then spreading globally. Bring a storm candle to light and carry with you to... Read more »»


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    MH17To say that the news that a packed airplane flying from Holland to Malaysia was downed over Eastern Ukraine and all on board lost came as surprise is to put things mildly. While at first there was some confusion as to what happened there now really can be no doubt that it was pro-Russian separatists who carried out the deed. Naturally enough there are some countries and agencies who want to find out and fully verify the facts before final blame can be assigned but it really doesn't take a scientist …

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