Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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This is a great soup which contrasts the smoothness of the puree with the crunch of the celery heart and almonds.


- 1 (small or half large) head Celeriac

- 1 Head Celery

- 2 Leeks

- 1 Potato

- 60g (2 oz). Butter

- 1 Ltr (2 pints) Stock

- 60g (2 oz). Sliced Almonds


Trim the pork and cut into half inch slices. Hammer these flat between two layers of cling film. Now cut these into strips. Fry these quickly in the oil in a hot pan until browned on the outside. Take off the pan.

Melt the butter on the pan. Chop the scallions and fry in the butter gently until soft. Add the salt and pepper, vinegar honey and orange juice.

Slip the pieces of pork back into the pan and simmer gently for a few minutes to cook through. Add some water if it gets dry.

Serve this with couscous, or rice.


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