Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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This is really Irish Stew with a French accent. I cook it here in the Languedoc to marry my two homes.


- 1kg (2 lbs) Leg Steaks of Lamb (or Gigot Chops)

- 90g (3 oz.) Streaky Bacon Rashers

- 175g (6 oz.) Peeled Shallots

- 280g (10 oz.) Vine Tomatoes

- 1 glass red or white wine

- 2 fat cloves garlic (peeled and sliced)

- 1kg (2 lbs.) Potatoes

- Olive oil, salt and black pepper

First season the chops or steaks and then fry in hot oil in a large pan until they are browned on both sides, put to one side.

Chop the bacon and fry in the same oil until crisp, spoon out with a slotted spoon and retain.

Slice the shallots and soften these gently in the same pan, with a lid on for about 5 minutes.

Then add the tomatoes, roughly chopped (or you could use tinned chopped tomatoes)

Toss the bacon back in the pan, add the wineand the garlic and then taste and season the mixture. Place the lamb in the pan on top of the other ingredients, it does not have to be covered with the sauce. Put a lid on the pan (or transfer the whole mixture into a casserole ) and cook gently on the stove top.

After 15 mts peel and slice the potatoes thickly and put these in a layer on top of the lamb.

Continue to cook gently like this until the potatoes are tender. Check the pan from time to time, do not allow it to dry out but you do not need too much liquid, the potatoes should steam rather than boil. Once it is ready to eat light the grill and paint a little oil on the potatoes. Put the pan under the hot grill until the potatoes are golden.


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