Thursday, 20th September 2018
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- 1 bulb of Fennel

- 1 onion

- Half pound Tomatoes

- 2 oz. Butter

- 4 strands of Saffron / 1 tsp. turmeric

- 3 lbs. Mussels

- 1 glass White wine (or water)

- 2 streaky rashers grilled and crumbled.


Trim the fennel and peel the onion and put them to sweat with the butter and tomatoes and saffron/ turmeric until they are soft.

Rinse the mussels free of all sand and remove their beards (if they have them - a lot of the modern farmed ones don't which makes life much easier). Put these with the wine or water in a large pot with a lid and put them on a high heat.

Let them boil and continue cooking until they are all open. Strain the mussel juices through a sieve with a cloth to remove all the grit.

Put the vegetables, the mussels and the juices into a liquidiser and whizz until smooth. If you want you can then push through a sieve.

Re heat until very hot and serve sprinkled with the crushed bacon.


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