Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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With Cream Cheese, Dill and Beetroot

This is a delicious starter for a party when you want to impress. It is delicious and much easier than you would think.

ingredients (for 4 as a starter(

- 350g Puff Pastry

- 225g (8 oz.) Smoked Salmon (thinly sliced)

- 110g (4 oz.) Cream Cheese

- 110g (4 oz.) Fromage Frais

- Juice Half Lemon

- 2 teaspoons Good Horseradish sauce

- Bunch Fresh Dill

- Generous grating Black Pepper

- 2 Large cooked Beetroot (preferably not in vinegar)


Set oven to 200C, 400F. Gas 6 Roll the pastry into roughly the size of a swiss roll tin. Lay this on a baking sheet and cover with another sheet to stop it rising. Bake at the set temperature for 20 minutes, then remove the top sheet and bake for another 5 minutes to brown. Leave to cool then, cut into 8 even rectangles.

Chop half the Dill; keep the other half for decoration. Beat the two cheeses together and mix in the lemon juice and pepper. When they are light and well blended fold in the chopped dill and the horseradish. Cut the Beetroot into fine slices. Cut the smoked salmon into rough pieces about the size of the pastry pieces, (they don't have to be intact as they can be patched together.) You should have at least 3 pieces per person.

On each piece of pastry spread a generous portion of the cheese mix, then put a slice of the salmon, then a layer of sliced beetroot, then more cream cheese, a slice of salmon, another piece of the pastry, then another spreading of the cheese and a slice of smoked salmon on top.

Serve each Mille Feuille with a quarter of lemon and a spray of dill on the side.


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