Wednesday, 28th January 2015
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Let’s light up the Abbeyside boardwalk

Cllr Pratt and Deputy Conway

Cllr John Pratt and Ciara Conway T.D. are pointing to the need for lighting on the new Boardwalk at the Abbeyside Waterfront.

"I’ve raised this issue at the Council meeting this week and have received assurances that the issue will be looked at closely- a costing and suitable design will be sought, so that’s good news,” said Cllr John Pratt.

"Great work has been done in the area so far, as part of the Abbeyside Waterfront Development Plan an area from The Pond to Land’s End has been upgraded with timber decking, seats and bollards. €183,000 came from the government with the rest being funded by the then Town Council.

It looks great so far, and the lighting would be the icing on the cake, which is why I’ve raised the matter at a Council level,” explained Cllr Pratt.

Local Labour T.D. Ciara Conway is also praising the work done on the Abbeyside Waterfront to date, describing it as ‘another great asset to the area’.

"The Boardwalk is another Abbeyside beauty spot and the Waterfront improvements mean it’s now much easier to access the beach at Abbeyside,” according to Deputy Conway .

"The ramps make it easier for parents with buggies and anybody in a wheelchair or with... Read more »»

Let’s light up the Abbeyside boardwalk

Let’s light up the Abbeyside boardwalk

Recognition befitting a national patriot Thomas Francis Meagher

Recognition befitting a national patriot Thomas Francis Meagher

The 1848 Tricolour Celebration committee are delighted with the Waterford City and County Council decision to name the "new” N25 bridge in honour of one of Waterford’s, Ireland’s and the United States of America’s national patriot, Thomas... Read more »»

2015 looking good for Port of Waterford

The Port of Waterford is set to deliver improved results in 2015 with a range of new business attracted to the port at Belview in recent years set to continue.

The bulk terminal at Belview has seen a 30% growth in agricultural commodities handled over the last two years, as farms in the southeast increase their consumption of animal feed and fertilisers. Cattle herds are growing in anticipation of the imminent CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) reform, and the Irish dairy industry is increasing its milk processing capacity to satisfy... Read more »»


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