Thursday, 24th May 2018
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Bishop's 'petty' decision criticised by Halligan

Minister for State John Halligan, T.D. has criticised as "petty" the decision of the Bishop of Waterford and Lismore stopping him being a sponsor of his godson at Confirmation Mass recently held in Waterford City.

The parents of the boy were told of the decision on Wednesday last - the day before Minister Halligan hosted a Pro Choice meeting in Waterford attended by over 300 people and addressed by speakers, Dr. Peter Boylan, Tara Flynn and Colm O'Gorman. The Minister also previously clashed with Bishop Cullinan's views on the HPV vaccine.

Speaking to Waterford Today, on Monday evening Minister Halligan said he was contacted by the parents of his Godson last Thursday to tell him that they had been approached by a member of the clergy who said that the Minister could not stand as a Sponsor at the ceremony on Sunday last and that this was the view of the Bishop. They were told this was because Minister Halligan was an atheist and because of his views on abortion.

Minister Halligan accepts that as an Atheist he did not meet the criteria set down by the Catholic... Read more »»

Bishop's 'petty' decision criticised by Halligan

Bishop's 'petty' decision criticised by Halligan

500 letters given to Mayor

500 letters given to Mayor

Pat Nugent, Waterford County Mayor, met with members of Blackwater Valley Wind Aware working committee who were representing the parishes of Knockanore, Glendine, Kilwatermoy, Tallow in Waterford... Read more »»

Postmasters want long term Social Welfare contract

The Irish Postmasters' Union (IPU) has called for long-term commitment that Social Welfare payments will continue to be transacted through Post Offices Read more »»


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